lookahead Consulting  specialise in business transformation.  We work with you to make specific, measurable improvements to any aspect of your optical business.   We can support you with any challenge facing your business, including:  - New optical business start-ups  - Preparing for NHS change  - Business planning  - Running, managing, planning and growing your optical business  - Training and staff development  - Using technology across your optical business  - Project management  - Non-Executive Directorship  Whatever aspect of your business needs development - and even if you're unsure of the way forward - we can help save you time and money, work smarter, and provide an exceptional service to your patients/clients.  Engaging  lookahead Consulting  will enable you to share our knowledge, skills and experience. We bring a fresh pair of eyes to your business, and will support, advise on and implement the changes you need to make.
   lookahead Consulting  empowers you and your staff.   Our Opticians Performance Builder programme consists of a range of training packages.  We also specialise in preparing, delivering and assessing bespoke training programmes.  We work with groups of any size, from individuals to large multi-site organisations.      Why  lookahead Consulting ?    lookahead Consulting  is led by Ian Sheppard, a qualified teacher with a First Class teaching degree and a commanding understanding of the teaching and learning process.  He works alongside Ron Sheppard, a qualified Dispensing Optician and former National Training Director for two of the UK's largest multiples.  We're registered CET providers.     Training You and Your Staff   At the heart of our training is the belief that training should always be about aligning training needs with your business goals.  A Performance Management programme is about much more than just the delivery of training.  It’s all about tying together your business needs (such as staff retention, target delivery, preparing for change) into a single, manageable function that’s focused on developing and improving your optical business.     Why You  Must  Invest In Training   The training budget is one of the first areas to be cut by nervous optical businesses facing an uncertain future; but that’s a big mistake.  Performance Management from  lookahead Consulting  is about ensuring that your team are focused on your patients/clients – and on driving your business forward.
   Information & Communications Technologies     are central to our business processes, but many optical businesses are not optimising their use of IT.  Used effectively, ICT should not only be saving you time and money, but also adding value to your business and providing valuable insights.    Your Practice Management System database is one of the most powerful tools available to your business; we can help you learn to use that tool more effectively.  We will help you maximise the effectiveness of ICT systems throughout your organisation.  Whether it’s till software, diary maintenance, communications, clinical implementation, or ophthalmic dispensing systems, we can help you understand, use and get the very best from ICT within your business.  We also provide practical support, such as network installation, training, and system maintenance/updates.  We are a Certified Partner for the leading online accounting software provider, meaning with our help you can start saving money immediately on bookkeeping and accountancy fees, and get a better handle on your business.  We can help you master social media, email, e-commerce and your online presence.   lookahead Consulting  will support you in integrating technology with every function of your business.